List of 50 Best Web Hosting Companies

In today’s world, the internet has begun to serve as on of the biggest and most reliable medium for shopping. Right from household products to expensive electronics and travel tickets, the web world is the most sought-after platform to get hold of one’s day to day necessities due to its ease. One of the main reasons for the remarkable rise in the usage of the internet is the considerable increase in growth of online business companies. In turn, there has been a phenomenal increase seen in the development of new web hosting companies. Web hosting in simple words is making a particular website available to the web users through the virtual world of internet.

A comprehensive research of web hosting companies on the internet is the best and a very reliable way to find good companies which provide all services like web designing, development of applications, social media optimization, search engine marketing as well as web hosting. Once you have a list of companies in front of you, you can contact them to find out which company fits your requirements the best at affordable prices. Below mentioned are a few companies that you can consider for getting good web hosting services:

  1. iPage: This has been the most preferred choice when it comes to web hosting since 1998. It provides windows as well as linux hosting. Having two data centre locations, iPage provides a free domain for the first year after registration. IPage web hosting company has a vDeck control panel and the best part about this company is that it allows you to have unlimited domain names.
  2. A2: This is the leading name when it comes to optimized hosting for any need. There are several plans to choose from. A2 provides optimum web hosting solutions for both linux as well as windows operating systems. The only difference is in the price. The former begins at a price of 279.04 INR per month and the latter begins at 348.88 INR per month. Unfortunately, there is no free domain offered by A2 web hosting services even though they have a cPanel control panel for linux operating system and a plesk control panel for windows operating system.
  3. Bluehost: This hosting company is one of the most in-demand for web hosting purposes and have one the best ratings on the internet. Bluehost provides to its users one included free domain and 24×7 customer support. The basic web hosting plan offered by Bluehost begins at $2.95 per month with a cpanel control panel. Blue host has proved to be the go-to place for web hosting needs.
  4. HostGator: Be it a plan for personal website hosting or a business website hosting plan, HostGator is the best web hosting company for all your web hosting needs. The basic web hosting plan begins at $3.48 per month. It is compatible with both windows as well as linux operating systems. Even though there is no free domain offered, HostGator functions with the reliable cpanel web hosting control panel. All these and more features have made HostGator one of the best web hosting companies.
  5. Flywheel: The best web hosting company if you are looking for something that is compatible with both linux as well as windows operating systems. Domain registration at Flywheel begins at $3.95 per month. The cpanel control panel used by flywheel has over 50 tools which will allow you to upload files, manage DNS zones and many more things.
  6. A small orange: this is the host to choose if you are looking for quality services when you have limited funds. The basic web hosting plan begins at $8 per month and includes one domain. A small orange web hosting company functions on the highly reliable cpanel web hosting control panel.
  7. Go daddy: This is in todays day the largest domains registrars. The starter pack does not include any free domain. However, the economy plan starting at 199 INR per month includes one free domain. Go daddy is compatible with both linux as well as windows operating systems and functions on the cpanel web hosting control panel.
  8. Dream host: After the updating that they have made in the plans, their web hosting services are now of top-notch quality. The web hosting plans on an annual basis provide one free domain to its users. Starter packs at dreamhost are available at $2.59 per month. The advanced and modern control panel of dreamhost has enabled and made managing websites very easy.
  9. 1&1: This web hosting company offers good domain registration packages. The plan initially will cost you $1 per month for one year and then $8 per month. It provides one free domain and is compatible with both linux as well as windows operating systems.
  10. Arvixe: This company has been providing to its user’s superior web hosting services since 2003. Upon registration you can avail one free domain. It has an easy web hosting control panel and operates on both linux as well as windows operating systems. There is an array of web hosting plans that can be found at Arvixe. The most basic one begins at a price as low as $7 per month.
  11. Hostmonster: It is basically a sister company derived from Bluehost. The basic plan begins at $4.95 per month. The best part about this web hosting company is that it provides a free domain and works on a very easy cpanel web hosting control panel.
  12. Hostpapa: it is a powerful web hosting to get your business online. The basic plan starts with approximately $3 per month. With this web hosting, you can expect to have medicore speed and support, best for those who don’t have much load.
  13. Lightning base: Their services are available starting at $9.95. For those who are looking for a good WordPress host, then this is the company to choose. They have fast and well managed servers, which shall provide you support throughout. Apart from basic services, company also adds in bonuses such as backups, transfers and global CDN. In no time, your company’s website will be flying and all set to achieve the numbers.
  14. StableHost: Unlike other companies, the company is not administered by thousands of people. Instead it is just a sum of roughly 15 members who are all up and there to look after the customer needs. The industry standard control panels are used, to make it relatable and easy for customers to understand. The company believes in serving customers to its best, so if in case you need any support they are always available for you.
  15. IX Web hosting: It is one of the most popular web hosting companies which have low end plans available for those who do not wish to invest much. However, it is important to make a note that their renewal plans are bit high, hence it is essential to check all the price related details and then take the final decision. Once you have opted for the company, you can expect fast servers and quick support which will keep your business up and going. The basic plan is available at $3.95 per month.
  16. Lunar pages: Well this one is available for you with large amount of discounts and offers. To avail them, all you have to do is search for the right deal and you can make the most of it. However, they have confusing interface which might at times make things messy and difficult for you. The basic plan is available at $3.95 per month.
  17. MidPhase: Well one word about this web hosting company is, they are doing pretty well. It is hardly anything you can pin point on them. They have been fairly serving their customers and doing everything possible to meet in their needs. With being one of the best companies in town, they are available at slightly increased prices of $4.95 per month, but as you say nothing comes for free.
  18. NameCheap: While they are best when it comes to domain registration but sadly they are not capable of hosting. Their servers are quite littered and spammy, which might put your business to risk. It is always good to gather information in detail before investing in this company.
  19. Network solutions: If you go by our findings and surveys, this is one of the worst companies to associate with. Joining them is easy, but if you have made a decision to leave them, they will opt for cheap tricks. Their hosting services is an absolute commodity, and in all situations and circumstances it is recommended to stay away from them.
  20. Green Greeks: It is one of the most popular names in the web hosting industry which is complete value for money and gives you decent server capacity. However at times, they go through managerial issues so if you are expecting 100% bang on performance it is recommended to take a well thought off decision.
  21. HostMetro: The web hosting company services are available at low prices, hence for companies who are tight on budget they can probably consider associating with them. It is essential to make a note that along with low prices, comes in poor customer service and mediocre hosting.
  22. Webhostinghub- It is a decent shared hosting website which manages the servers in good manner. HostGater is its mainstream option and good choice for those looking for good quality hosting at decent prices. It depends on your budget before finalizing an option.
  23. Webline Services- Another budget hosting option which does a good job in maintaining the servers and throttling the bandwidth. The prices are quite good, starting with $3 for WordPress hosting. You will find various services like VPS hosting, dedicated server, reseller hosting, domain registration etc.
  24. net – This service provided focussing on high end Iaas and dedicated server hosting. It is a solid company in terms of customer support.
  25. Linode- If you are looking for high performance SSD Linux servers for your infrastructure then Linode is a solid option that provides high end boxes with good customer support. However, you need to have good technical understanding and not for the beginners.
  26. com- this service provider is a sister company of Network Solutions with good customer support. However their hosting is slow and having poor customer support.
  27. BigRock- It is a domain registeration website which has also started providing hosting service. However their servers generally have spam sites. It has pricing model for starter, advanced and business.
  28. Site5- It is a good hosting company which offers various datacenters and locations. You can find pricing option starting with hostbasic, hostpro and hostpro+turbo.
  29. iPower- Yet another hosting option which provides professional plan starting with just $3.95 per month on sale while regularly it is $11.95. It’s a derivative of iPage with low quality servers and not so good interface.
  30. HostDime- If you are searching for high end VPS and dedicated server then this company will suit you. However, they don’t do budget hosting but have great customer support with strong hosting servers. Their servers reside around the globe in USA, Brazil, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, UK, Netherlands.
  31. DotEasy- Another shared hosting with decent support and more flexible pricing model. But if you are looking for US based hosting service then this may not suit you.
  32. WebHost- It is a THC Company with professional hosting model. It offers various services under one umbrella. However, some of their servers are slow and customer support is not convincing.
  33. Laughing Squid- They rent servers from Rackspace but administer them on their own. If you are looking for quality servers and range of DC options then you can opt them.
  34. Vultr- An excellent cloud hosting service provider. If you are looking for well versed company with different cloud server hosting option then you can opt for their service. It offers different cloud hosting models and various data centers for location.
  35. Digital Ocean – A good quality cloud hosting service provider which can deploy your application within minutes. Their data centers are hosting in 12 regions around the world. Also available through cloudways and it is a good option for hosting your application and run your business seamlessly.
  36. net- Another good option to host your business on cloud. They provide good seamless security for your application with Windows, Linux hosting servers, variety of options along with DDoS protection, firewall protection, SSD Storage, managed security and encryption of data. They have data centres in 7 regions around the world and 2 more coming up.
  37. LeaseWeb- If you are looking for specialized dedicated boxes and cloud hosting company but they don’t provide server management options as you need to manage your own servers.
  38. 50Megs- A low end budget hosting service provider and you can also find a free option as well for hosting in purchase of domain. It is good for low traffic application but for medium and high end traffic website, you can look for better options.
  39. JaguarPC- A solid hosting service provider with shared and virtual private cloud hosting along with dedicated server option. They are known for its good pricing model and quality customer support.
  40. net- If you are looking for hosting a simple website and application online then you can choose this option as you they have a simple pricing model, data center location and decent customer care support.
  41. net- Another popular hosting for websites and the site has a decent servicing model with support for customers.
  42. net- if you are looking for decent hosting site and managed environment then you can opt for this website. This is a good option to host your PHP site with range of programming language option to deploy. It has a decent support with range of datastore options a well.
  43. Amazon EC2- Secure and resizable compute capacity, Amazon EC2 is always a good option to launch applications when you are looking for best cloud computing, scalabe and highly available system. It also provides a free tier option to try some of the free options. The pricing model for Amazon is too different from other market players so it is always good to check out the options according to your business.
  44. Microsoft Azure- Another big market player like Amazon, Microsoft Azure has quality PaaS options for larger and medium sized businesses. It has highly hybrid, trusted, scalable, available and productive cloud hosting that gives you a quality hosting and services option.
  45. Everleap- If you are looking for hosting hosting then you can definitely go for everleap. It also provides support for ASP core, PHP and MySQL.
  46. A2Hosting- Looking for fast 20x web hosting solution?A2 hosting has a good option to start your business application on cloud with variety of service options to meet your needs.
  47. com- If you are searching for good domains like .Dev then offers good option monthly services option.
  48. Known host-Managed hosting option with affiliate program. It lets you see real time stats, payout duration and customization option.
  49. com – Looking for quality domain for hosting along with other options? provides .com with only $9.99 starting along with cloud hosting option.
  50. com- Fully managed cloud hosting, offers great customer support with quick turnaround time, 100% uptime and 24/7 customer support.


Above are some of the good 50 hosting options that you can choose and leverage your business on cloud. Before choosing a quality hosting option, always check services offered, budget, customer support and data center location.


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